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I'm may be going out on a limb here, but this could be one of the hottest Interracial R scenes *ever* filmed. Why? Well, Aiden showed up at our secret studio with her suitcase pimp. That's what we call them in the know, these guys who basically do nothing but live off a porno girl's money. Turns out this guy was her husband! NO LIE. And when we learned this, his perverted mind started working. He offered them more money if Hubby watched the scene! Turns out it was a fantasy of Hubby's! He's always wanted to watch his wife at work! Aiden wasn't too thrilled, though. It took some pleas from Hubby, but sure enough, it went down. Watch closely as Aiden goes from being a bit uptight at first...and when she loosens up, and started getting turned on, she creams Boz's dick unlike we've ever seen! His dick was as white as Hubby's when this scene ended! WOW is all I can say! 

Don't ya just love those TV shows where a couple gets on, and one of them has a secret to share with the other...and instead of sharing in private, they whore themselves out to TV for some good, old-fashioned drama? Well, welcome, where we do the same thing! This time Alex Devine gets to tell her boyfriend she's a porn star...while our cameras catch that special moment. Needless to say, boyfriend gets pissed, storms off, so what do we do? What else but bring in the black dick! With Boz and Mandingo there's almost 27 inches of it, and Alex goes to town. Whoops! Guess the boyfriend didn't really leave...wait till you see what happens next. 


Bring out the cuckold mask again! Time for another white couple to live out their naughtiest fantasy, and we make it happen! Liv and Hubby have been married for a few years, and she wears her ring proudly. But lately the spark has left the bedroom, if you know what I mean. A few e-mails later, and we've got Hubby in a cage while Boz and Mandingo work Liv over. And when I say they work her over, we mean it. She takes so much black dick it amazed even us. The best part of this whole deal was the end: after Liv has about a gallon of cum all over her face and clothes, and grabs a plastic bowl - for Hubby to beat off in. He does, and his wad was weak, and Liv lets him know that. Then she demands a shower. Poor Hubby meekly walks to the bathroom to draw a hot shower for his hot wife. Oh, and don't forget to get her sexy schoolgirl skirt to the dry cleaners! It's a mess!!


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Jasmine Tame might be the hottest piece of ass we've seen.. And her white boy might be the dumbest. See, he's so pathetic he had to wear a mask while he watched his girl take on 2 big-dicked brothers. Could you handle watching your beautiful wife or girlfriend get violated by black men? If so, contact us! You can be just like Jasmine's boyfriend a mask, jacking off all 5 inches while your gal gets plowed by massive dark dick. So big her pussy stretches to the point it never properly feel your penis again. And what would you do if the black men came in a bowl, and your wife ate it all up? Well, you'll be able to see what Jasmine's man does...and it's surprising, to say the least!


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